Wednesday, October 20, 2010 "So wait up, you never get nervous Anymore" by Natalie Canter "So wait up, you never get nervous Anymore" by Natalie Canter: "Pins and Needles Ruffle Skirt from UO, American Apperal Over-the Knee Socks, Kimchi Blue T-straps from UO, Roxy Beret"

Charcoal and Glee

This being my first offical post, I'm going to explain my two new loves Glee and Charcoal
It's fantastic, the actors have voices that rival those of heavenly angels. I am yet to be underwhelmed by a single episode; and the songs! Oh the songs! The best one in my opinion if Kurt (the gay one) and Rachel (the bratty girl)'s duet of Wicked's Defying Gravity(, the only word to describe it is magical. Yup magical.

I have always loved drawing, but never had I met a medium like charcoal. I love the look of smudging and shadows, ironicly that is my weak point but not with charcoal. It is my support for all the stuff I'm normally bad at. 

Freshmen to the Blog-isfere

   So I'm trying to figure out what fashion is all about, let alone lookbook, let even more alone fashion blogging. I'm a simple horse girl who likes to get over dressed. Hopefully you like the stuff I post here and on my lookbook... So thanks for checking it out I'll keep you posted